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The world is in chaos because most of our brothers and sisters have not come to know of the Lord and His Works. A great number of our fellowmen are struggling with their faith, making it impossible for them to achieve spiritual awakening. In these trying times, those of us who are aware of our Almighty Father’s teachings have to double our efforts in propagating the uncompromising Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have to become ministers of love and grace in order to transform lives and make our world worthy of being called God’s Kingdom. We urge you to join our mission today! Let us work together to achieve God’s purpose and reap the greatest of all rewards– eternal happiness in His Kingdom. Call us at 202-749-0049 or send a message to with your questions and inquiries.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

We are dedicated to spreading the Word of God to the four corners of the world. Our mission is to help our brothers and sisters understand the unshakeable Gospel of Jesus Christ and apply its teachings in their lives. We aim to create a newer and better world for our fellowmen — a world worthy of being called God’s Kingdom.

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